Bangkok, Aviagen Asia’s home base, is a warm and inviting city, with high standards of education and health care. Transportation in the city is easy. Enjoying beautiful city views from the Sky Train or in the reasonably priced taxis. For international and domestic travel, Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport is one of the biggest international airports in Southeast Asia. With its ornate temples, shopping, leisure opportunities and cuisine, the Thai capital is one of the world’s most visited cities.

Aviagen Asia – the start of a fulfilling career in poultry breeding

If you’re an enterprising professional with a vision to make a difference in a booming region full of opportunity, Aviagen® Asia would be a great fit for you! As a leading global poultry genetics company, we’re looking for educated, creative people who are passionate about our birds and helping producers throughout Asia expand and grow their businesses. Pursue a career in marketing, sales, business and account management, farm and hatchery management, production, nutrition, veterinary services and others – along with a chance to live and grow in a diverse and culturally rich part of the world.

Make a difference in the world’s fastest-growing region

As Asia is experiencing a population explosion, it is seen as a valuable region for both poultry production and consumption.

Aviagen helps fulfill the region’s growing need for poultry, providing day-old breeder chicks for broiler production. Our customers are the farmers who supply their local communities with an affordable source of high-quality protein. Because Asia is large and its markets diverse, we help farmers meet a variety of preferences by breeding a portfolio of birds with qualities favored by multiple market segments. However, our job doesn’t end there. We care about our customers, and work hand-in-hand with them to achieve continuous improvement in the health, welfare and performance of their birds and the success of their businesses.

World of opportunities in Asia

For up-and-coming professionals wanting to enhance both career and life, Asia is a fascinating region. Shrouded in mystery and appeal, it offers history, extraordinary food, cultures, religions, languages, art and architecture. Its lush, vast landscapes and natural wonders are a stark contrast to the sprawling metropolises. Asia boasts 6 of the world’s top 10 most modern cities, which are at the forefront of many developments in technology and digital innovation.

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What can the poultry genetics industry offer you? Poultry breeding professionals have an opportunity to truly make a difference in helping to feed future generations. They also travel and work closely with colleagues at all levels of the value chain – executives, processing plants, hatcheries, feed mills, feed additive suppliers, live operations, veterinarians, nutritionists and many others. With a variety of challenges and experiences, every day can bring a new adventure. So why wait? Apply to work with  Aviagen Asia today!

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Aviagen Oceania (Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) offers exciting career opportunities in one of the most beautiful regions on earth. If you have a passion to make a difference by helping to feed the world’s growing communities with an excellent source of protein, poultry breeding could be a great choice for you. We’re looking for educated, innovative and enthusiastic professionals with a desire to improve the health and welfare of our birds and promote the businesses of our local poultry producers.

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Living and working in Europe is an easy sell to virtually anyone. Recent years have marked a period of economic expansion, growing employment and rising living standards for this culturally and opportunity rich continent. For quality-of-life benchmarks such as health care, education, access to technology and strong GDP per capita, European countries rank among the highest in the world. This high standard of living is complemented by an excellent work-life balance enjoyed by European citizens. And, whether you prefer skiing in the breathtaking Alps, sailing the Mediterranean, or enjoying the history, culture and excitement of world-class cities, Europe has something for you.

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