Living and working in Europe is an easy sell to virtually anyone. Recent years have marked a period of economic expansion, growing employment and rising living standards for this culturally and opportunity rich continent. For quality-of-life benchmarks such as health care, education, access to technology and strong GDP per capita, European countries rank among the highest in the world. This high standard of living is complemented by an excellent work-life balance enjoyed by European citizens. And, whether you prefer skiing in the breathtaking Alps, sailing the Mediterranean, or enjoying the history, culture and excitement of world-class cities, Europe has something for you.

Aviagen cares about our birds, our employees, our customers, and the people they help to feed in communities around the world. If you’re a caring person who would like to apply your education and expertise toward making a difference in the future of our world, a career at Aviagen in Europe may be right for you. Aviagen is a global poultry genetics company that provides day-old breeder chicks to poultry producers around the world. These dedicated growers work hard to supply their local communities with a reliable and sustainable source of quality protein.

Your job – to make the world a better place

Working at Aviagen gives you the opportunity to share ideas and work as a team with industry experts at all levels of the poultry value chain, both internally and externally. Each day brings a new challenge and the satisfaction of knowing you’re playing a vital role in providing a vital food source for current and future generations. Your role will be to champion the success of our customers, and ensure they receive a safe, uninterrupted supply of quality breeding stock no matter where they are located on the globe. At the same time, you’ll work to strengthen the health and welfare of our birds, while reducing the impact of meat production on our natural environment. Poultry genetics, veterinary services, nutrition, sales, farm and hatchery management, and marketing are among the many career possibilities.

The right bird for the right market

Europe’s preferences for poultry meat are as varied as its cultural and natural landscapes. As a poultry breeding company, our job is to offer the right bird for the right market, and Aviagen offers a complete portfolio of both conventional and slower-growing brands of broiler breeding stock to meet these diverse consumer needs. What these varieties all have in common is the highest standard of bird health, welfare and biosecurity.

Commitment to education and improvement

Aviagen is committed to learning and ongoing improvement. As an Aviagen employee you will have many opportunities to continually develop your education and skills, and pursue various paths for career advancement. We also believe that learning is key to helping customers get the most from their broiler breeding stock, and make a point of regularly sharing knowledge to keep them updated on current flock management advice based on the latest breeding developments. We routinely host schools, seminars, meetings and even mobile workshops where we promote this information sharing, and learn right along with our customers and future poultry professionals.

Best of all worlds

Why wait, Apply at one of our many European locations and become part of the Aviagen Europe team today!

From the perspective of Aviagen employees...

“I love my job, as each day brings a new adventure, and it feels good to make a positive contribution by helping to feed the world. It all begins with the primary breeder, and it’s rewarding to see the impact at each stop along the journey from farm to table.” ~ Sara Stewart, European Marketing Manager

“I’m really passionate about taking care of our precious live day-old chicks, and I enjoy educating others and getting them on board with how to best meet their unique needs.” ~ Sheila Barcsansky, Aviagen International Logistics/Export Manager

“I’m a lifelong learner, and what attracted me most to Aviagen was its encouragement of talent development in its employees. The company also has a firm commitment to educating future generations, and sharing of information for the benefit of our customers. If you participate in any of the Schools, workshops, meetings and other events held globally throughout each year, you’ll witness a fascinating exchange of intelligence and ideas, as well as a thirst for learning more about how to take the best care of our birds.” Aviagen Production Management School Director Nick French.

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North America

Aviagen North America is home to Aviagen’s global headquarters, with operations (farms, hatcheries, laboratories, and more) in six states: Alabama, Georgia, New York, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Tennessee. These scenic states offer a breadth of climates and landscapes, from the warm sandy beaches of the Alabama Gulf Coast, to the Great Plains of Oklahoma, to the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee and Adirondacks in New York. For those with a quest for adventure, these locations offer fun-filled activities such as hiking, biking, white-water rafting, and much more.

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Living and working in Africa is an experience like no other. There are three compelling aspects that make it interesting: diversity, adventure and opportunity, both from a business and a personal perspective. Its rich diversity has been shaped by a unique blend of cultures, languages and beliefs, and it is the world’s oldest populated area and the largest continent. If you’re the adventurous type who doesn’t mind a challenge, Africa has many exciting career possibilities for you. Despite social and economic challenges, there is a high demand for skilled professionals in a number of fields, including agriculture. And, working for Aviagen, you’ll be helping to introduce and sustain an industry that is playing a major role in feeding the region’s growing population for many years to come!

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